Refer a Friend

New for 2023 is our (experimental) Refer a Friend Scheme. 

It's really simple - refer your buddies to us and when they buy stuff you get 10% of the value of their purchases credited to your account automatically. You also get the warm fuzzy feeling of helping your friend save money on Warhams. 

You continue to get this 10% "commission" on all of their purchases. For the purchases to qualify they must register an account and make a purchase within 30 days of you referring them. Postage charges don't count. 

To get started - navigate to your account home page, you'll see the referred friends section listed in both panels.

Click into the referred friends section and you'll be able to retrieve your referral link - this is what you send your friends, it will take them to the home page. If they make a purchase within 30 days they will count as being referred by you. You can share your referral link wherever you like. 

To see your balance go to the "Reward Points" section on your account home page - for the time being we are crediting the value as store credit, each point is worth 1 pence, that means if they spend £1 you get 10 points = 10p credit, if they spend £100 you get 1000 points = £10 credit and so on. Bear in mind you'll continue to receive this 10% credit for as long as they continue to place orders with us and it's cumulative. If you like you can save up the credit and cash it in to get free bits, free kits or larger discounts. We may eventually pay cash money instead of points, but for the time being it's store credit only while we work out any bugs in the system.

If you have any questions please email Bobby using the contact page. Happy referring!