We ship difficult-to-recycle plastic all over the world, so we feel it's important for us to try to minimise the impact the rest of Bitsmonster has on the environment. We are working towards being zero-waste. 

Recycling & Reuse

We recycle all of the card packaging that we receive from GW, we also re-use the internal trays for storage and reinforcing shipping boxes. In the long term we would love to see GW take sprues back for melting down to turn into new minis. Most local councils in the UK are unable to recycle the dense polystyrene GW uses to make sprues  You can petition GW to do this here. 

Our own outgoing bits shipments are entirely plastic free.  More on this in Packaging Sustainability below.


We exclusively use Royal Mail for delivery, this is for two reasons - Royal Mail has by far the biggest network in the UK, delivering to every household and employing over 85,000 posties. The fact that much of this network is delivered on foot gives Royal Mail by far the lowest reported carbon footprint per parcel in the UK. You can find out more about Royal Mail's sustainability efforts here 

Almost all of the parcels you order will be carried to our local post office on foot, and if you follow us on Instagram I often use this time to give quick video updates and generally ponder. 

Packaging Sustainability

All of our packaging can be dropped intact into your household recycling. It's also all vegan - the adhesive is vegetable based.

Printed Materials - things like our packaging collateral, business cards etc. are printed FSC certified paper stock, on recycled paper or card were possible. We can leave this material out of you order if you ask us to in the delivery info field. 

Invoices: 100% Recycled paper. 

Shipping Packages - 100% post-consumer recycled cardboard. 

Packaging Tape - 100% post-consumer recycled paper, vegetable glue. 

Shipping Labels - Plastic free, paper, recyclable. Doesn't need to be separated from the packaging. 

Baggies - Recycled LDPE (No. 4 plastic in N. America) . Recyclable and reusable